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Tile & Grout Cleaning Services Around Melbourne – Australia

Types of Tiles we clean are porcelain, ceramic, sandstone, limestone, granite, slate, terracotta and all types of driveways.

Our process

Before we start cleaning the area of tiles you have requested we will allways do a test patch. This step is vital if a test patch is not done and all your tiles are cleaned and the technician doesn’t discover until finished that the colour has been stripped, tiles been scratched or grouting sucked out what can be done? Very little as the damage has already been done.

Tile and Grout cleaning systems include:

Cleaning of all natural and man-made tiles.
Stripping and sealing of natural stone such as slate.
Application of sealers and protectors to your tiles.

Tile cleaning service will include:

A pre-inspection including a test clean of several tiles to determine the required tile cleaning solutions and likely results.
The tile and grout is pre-sprayed with the appropriate tile cleaning solutions and the grout is agitated with a grout brush.
The tiles are power-scrubbed to dislodge the dirt and grime.
Your tiles and grout will be rinsed at high pressure to lift and remove the soiling.

The unique E-Dry tile and grout cleaning system preserves and revives all tiled and grouted surfaces including showers, bathrooms, and counter tops.
Our qualified, highly trained technicians will treat your home as their own and will give you the guaranteed service that the Crazy carpet cleaning name is famous for.